Possibility Of Humanitarian Catastrophe In Afghanistan Due To COVID19: Health Ministry

Kabul: Statistics from the Ministry of Public Health show that in the last two weeks or so, the number of daily fresh positive cases and deaths due to Covid-19 disease has increased and the health ministry has warned the public that if people do not follow the health requirements, there is a possibility of a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.

On Friday, 194 fresh positive cases had been reported while six died of the infection and 51 recovered from COVID-19. The total number of COVID-19 cases stand at 59, 939 while the death toll is 2,631 and 53,204 people have recovered from the disease so far.

Despite implementing a mass vaccination drive in the country for all above the age of 18, the COVID-19 infections have spread across provinces including Kabul which has made the Afghan administration launch a public awareness campaign. In coordination with the Ministries of Hajj and Rural Development, religious scholars are raising awareness about the “third wave” of the coronavirus through mosques and villages in remote areas and districts. According to the fatwa of the Ministry of Hajj, receiving the vaccine during Ramadan is not a problem. At least 35,000 citizens of the country received the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday.

The new strain of virus is wreaking havoc in India and Iran has also closed all its common borders with Afghanistan to Afghan citizens. Dastgir Nazari, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health, said that there are about 100 cases of the “UK type” virus in various provinces, including Kabul. As per the ministry, people in various provinces and major cities are paying less attention to health issues. The ministry had added that even though the third wave has not started in the country, the public needs to follow all precautions and health guidelines.

Medical experts believe that the recklessness of the people and the inattention of the government in curbing the new wave of the coronavirus are likely to have dire consequences, and that the number of positive cases and deaths due to Covid-19 disease will increase in the coming days.
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Recently, the ministry had released plans to ban flights from India, which is worst-affected by the pandemic currently and put in place restrictions on public gatherings in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

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