24bn Afghanis Collected Since Tax On Credit Cards

Kabul: At least 24 billion afghanis has been collected since the introduction of the 10 percent tax on mobile credit cards, said Minister of Communications and Information Technology Masouma Khavari on Tuesday at the Senate summoning session.

Telecommunications companies submit their reports to the Ministries of Telecommunications and Information Technology and Finance and the ATRA Office every 15 days, according to which tariffs are arranged and handed over to companies to pay the revenue of the telecommunication services’ product to the Ministry of Finance within five days.

The process is overseen by a team of 12 people, added Khavari. At least 22.3 billion Afghanis had been collected since the imposition of this tax in 2015 and up to last month of the last solar year, which is an average of 4.46 per year, 22.3 billion afghanis had been collected as per the ministry statistics.

According to her, the 10% tax is collected and monitored by the real-time system. However, Senate Speaker Fazl Hadi Muslimyar said that the system has not been activated and expressed concern about the inactivity of the real-time system, saying that people have a right to know how and where the money collected from the increase in their consumer credit cards has been deposited.
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Khavari, however, said that the real-time and billing system is the technical work of the Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ATRA) and has nothing to do with the Ministry of Telecommunications. The real-time system contract was signed in May 2017 with the foreign networks. Since then, officials at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology have repeatedly reported delays in activating the system.

The failure to establish the system during the term of Abdul Razzaq Vahidi’s ministry led to his introduction to court. Finally, Vahidi was acquitted in the third session of the Special Court of Ministers.

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