After Withdrawal, China Sees Threat To BRI Projects From Afghanistan

Kabul: China has listed its concerns about the threats which could emerge from Afghanistan after the international troops withdraw from the country, stating that more cooperation with Central Asian countries on security issues is needed in order to protect the Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure projects in the region.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated the importance of a safe “silk route” and need to crack down on terrorist forces. Yi, however, believes that the United Nations Organization is capable of ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops, Foreign Ministry said Sunday.

“The hastiness of the US troops withdrawal has caused a significant harm to the process of peaceful settlement in this country. We believe that the UN can play a proper role in this situation,” the Minister said during the phone call with his Pakistani counterpart Mehmood Qureshi.

“Beijing and Islamabad must strengthen their strategic dialogue and play a more active role in the restoration of peace in Afghanistan,” Wang Yi said.

Under such circumstances, China expects the United Nations to play its due role, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to pay more attention to the situation, and Afghanistan’s neighbors to strengthen communication, speak with one voice and take coordinated actions, Wang said.

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