Ghani Asks Tribal Elders To Pressurize Taliban To Participate In Loya Jirga

Kabul: During a meeting with the tribal elders in Kandahar, Paktia and Nangarhar, President Ashraf Ghani said that there is a political consensus in Afghanistan and that a “single voice of the republic” was now needed for peace talks, the Presidential Palace reported.
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He added that no peace plan is “acceptable without the approval of the Loya Jirga” and called on the tribal elders to pressurize the Taliban to sit in the Jirga to “find a solution to this common pain”.

Ghani added that the Afghan administration has “the strength, the will and the courage [for] peace” and that the Taliban must show that they have the intention of peace.

Ghani emphasized that the announcement of the full withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan had provided “a great opportunity” and that “the peace plan and its management is now in the hands of the Afghan people”.
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A few days ago, a Taliban leader said in his Eid message, “Non-removal of names of Taliban leaders from the UN blacklist, prolonging the release of Taliban prisoners and military strikes “pose a problem for peace”.

The Taliban have not yet responded to the Afghan president’s invitation to attend a Loya Jirga.

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