Herat Residents Seek Ceasefire As They Protest Against Violence

Kabul: Seeking an end to the violence and bloodshed, Herat residents called on the government to try to enforce a ceasefire between the security forces and the Taliban, while they took out a protest in front of the governor’s office in the province on Sunday.

“Take heed of the holy month of Ramadan and stop the bloodshed. The Taliban have no excuse for continuing their war as withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan has begun. Unfortunately, in recent months, the war in Afghanistan has flared up and we want all parties to the war to stop fighting,” one of them said.

Meanwhile, Herat Governor Sayed Abdul Wahid Qatali said that the intensity of Taliban attacks in the districts showed that the group had no intention of ending the war. He said that the Taliban will never achieve their dream of controlling the geography.

He added that government forces are fighting the Taliban to the best of their ability.

The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan began on May 1 formally. The Istanbul Peace Summit was scheduled to take place last April, but the Taliban refused to attend it. As of now, only the draft peace plans of both the warring sides are with the High Council for National Reconciliation.

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