Faryab Protests May Now Extend To Six Other Provinces

Kabul: The protests which started after residents of Faryab opposed the appointment of a new governor for the province, is now threatening to spill over to six other provinces. The National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan has warned that if the government does not heed to the demands of the protesters, residents of six other northern provinces will join the protest.

Ehsan Niroo, spokesperson for Abdul Rashid Dostum, said that six days after the protests in Faryab started, there still hasn’t been any step from the government to speak to the protesters. “It is likely that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, other provinces in the north and northeast of the country will see large marches,” he said.

Residents of Faryab province protested last week after the government appointed Mohammad Daud Laghmani and replaced Naqibullah Fayeq as governor of Faryab.

Dawood is now operating from the army base in Faryab, and protesters are not allowed to enter the provincial headquarters. The protesters say that Mohammad Daud is not familiar with the geography of Faryab and that someone who is familiar with the environment of the province should be introduced.

Protesters say the new governor was elected without consulting the people, and if his work continues in the province, Faryabi protesters will resort to civil disobedience. “The government can never rule the people by force,” said Noor Mohammad, one of the protesters.

Meanwhile, Faryab MPs in the House of Representatives expect the government to hold talks with the people and send a delegation to Faryab to end the people’s protests and address their demands. “You are negotiating with the stubborn enemy of the people, the Taliban, but you are not negotiating with the people of Faryab,” said Fauzia Rufi, one of the delegates.

The Presidential Palace says that despite the reforms in Faryab province, a new governor has been appointed for this province and efforts have been made to return the situation in Faryab to normal.

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