Composition Of High Council Of State To Be Announced Soon: Presidential Palace

Kabul: The composition and functioning of the High Council of the State, which will have 15-25 members, will be announced soon, said Mohammad Amiri, the deputy spokesperson for the presidency, on Saturday.

“The Afghan government has consulted with influential national and political leaders and figures to strengthen the political consensus and to consult on decisions on major national issues,” Amiri said.

Amiri added that the composition of the council has not been finalized yet and talks are underway and currently, four women have been agreed on who will join the council.

Amiri clarified that on a technical level, a separate council consisting of 50-60 people from different walks of life, including women, civil society, the media, scholars and guilds, will be formed. Both councils will work closely together, he said. He added that the two councils will not interfere in the functioning of government bodies and will not have any conflict with the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR).

The formation of the High Council of the State is part of a political agreement between President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and President Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of HCNR, in order to create political consensus. Its job is to advise the president on matters of “national importance”.

Although these efforts have started with a delay of almost a year, the efforts of both sides are expected to bear fruit in the near future. The Council should be a reflection of all political groups and currents and a stabilizing factor in the country.

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