1,353 Corruption Cases Registered In First 3 Months of Fiscal Year: Attorney General

Kabul: At least 1,353 cases of corruption have been registered in the first three months of the 1400 fiscal year, announced Jamshid Rasooli, spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office, on Tuesday.
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Rasooli said that of these, 1,276 cases had been registered in the appellate courts in the center and provinces, and another 77 cases had been referred to the Judicial Center for Combating Serious Crimes. At least 879 cases are related to civil corruption and another 397 cases are related to military corruption in the north.

Rasouli added that in connection with the examination of 1,276 cases, 1,424 people have been identified as suspects, accused, convicts and criminals, of whom 323 have been sentenced to prison and fined.
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Also, 578 people were released on bail and are being investigated. “At least 298 people are currently in custody and investigations are ongoing.”

The spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office said that due to precautionary measures, of 1,424 people, 30 had been suspended and another 68 had been barred from leaving.

Rasouli added that the cases include bribery, abuse of office, embezzlement, abuse of influence, theft and falsification of documents, obstruction of justice, overstepping of authority, treason, concealment of truth, delay in duty, lack of Observance of behavioral rules, transfer of titles or duties, among others.

Rasouli said that no one is above the law and that those involved in the corruption case, included five generals, three senators, four mayors and two members of the provincial council.

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