Parliament’s Report On Behsud Military Helicopter Crash Not Made Public

Kabul: A part of the fact-finding delegation report on the crash of an Afghan army helicopter in Behsud district was revealed during a plenary session on Monday by Mursal Nabizadeh, a member of the House of Representatives.

Nabizadeh read out some parts of the text, but refused to make the report public and did not say who fired the missile. The report states that the type of rocket that shot down an Afghan army helicopter had previously been fired at an air force helicopter in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, and according to information from Afghanistan’s intelligence services, Iran had given this type of rocket to the insurgents.

The report also states that the rocket resembles a Russian Konkurs missile and which is copied by China, Japan and Iran. Abdul Ghani Alipour, commander of a non-governmental armed group known as the “Commander Shamshir”, confirmed a day after the news of the Afghan Army helicopter crash that his men had shot it down.

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had also said he would “severely punish” the perpetrators of the helicopter crash, but Alipour later denied responsibility for the crash.

Local media reported that during the operation to arrest Alipour, government forces in Behsud launched a night raid on homes and destroyed some property. Yassin Zia, the acting Afghan defense minister, had said no one had witnessed the incident.

“Operations are underway to arrest Abdul Ghani Alipour. He has now left the area, but will be detained by security forces wherever he is,” he had said.

About two months ago (April 10, 1400), the Afghan House of Representatives decided that a delegation from the House of Representatives Committee on Defense and Territorial Integrity, headed by Engineer Mir Haidar Afzali, would look into the matter and look into how the Afghan Army helicopter crashed.

“The investigation of the International Technical Team shows that the rocket fired at the Afghan Army helicopter is an ATGM or one of the guided missiles that follows the path of the aircraft by frequency heat and is approximately has a range of one and a half to five kilometers,” the report added.

The report also states that the House of Representatives reviewed the black box of the helicopter. Only helicopter pilot conversations are recorded in the black box.

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