Protesters Close Kabul-Ghor Highway

Kabul: The Kabul-Ghor highway remained closed to traffic on Thursday morning as a number of residents of Lal and Sarjangal districts protested on the highway.

The protesters have issued a declaration calling for the security of this highway and the creation of two security checkpoints along the Firuzkuh highway and Lal and Sarjangal districts.

“We promised them that we would establish two security checkpoints in Tasraqi and Kotal Shiniyeh. However, it has not been done yet. The central authorities should take measures as our security forces have come, but due to the lack of vehicles and reinforcements, we have not been able to build the checkpoints,” said Abdul Zahir Faiz Zada, the governor of Ghor.

According to residents of Lal and Sar-e-Jangal districts, seven passengers were killed by gunmen on the Ghor-Herat-Ghor-Kabul highway in the past month. Meanwhile, a number of Ghor residents say that flights to the province have been suspended for three months due to unknown reasons.

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