Afghanistan Needs To Redefine Its National, International Relations: Second V-P

Kabul: Stating that with the withdrawal of foreign troops, Afghanistan enters a new chapter, the second Vice-President Sarwar Danesh on Monday said that the country now needs to redefine and reorganize all its national and international relations.

Danesh stressed that in the period after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the system of governance, the three pillars of the government and the Republican Front should be further strengthened.

At the celebration of the International Press Freedom Day in Kabul, he said, “One of the hallmarks of this period is the development of self-confidence, self-reliance. We must now, free from all considerations and conditions, decide and implement it freely and in accordance with our national interests.”.

The Afghan Vice President acknowledged that there were differences of opinion on the Republican Front in the implementation mechanism of peace plans, but stressed that this gap should be bridged by overriding personal interests and ethnic-group aspirations. “The priority of peace should never be taken to mean that other priorities and values are sacrificed,” Danesh said.

Danesh reiterated that with the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, there was no excuse for the Taliban to flee the peace talks.

Earlier, President Ghani had said that with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, his country will not be isolated in international relations and a new chapter of relations is being formed.

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