Parliament Gives DABS 2 Weeks To Address Customer Complaints

Kabul: The Parliament’s Communications and Telecommunications Commission has given the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (Breshna) two weeks to address the complaints from Kabul residents regarding their monthly electricity bills, after the Breshna CEO Ahmad Davood Noorzai explained the citizens’ complaints.

Noorzai and other officials of Breshna have been asked by the Parliament commission to provide the necessary facilities according to the needs of the citizens.

Breshna said in a statement, “There has been no change in the electricity tariff, but a change has been made in the category. It is a long process and people have different perceptions of it, while the argument of increasing money in electricity-bills is not true.
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Breshna also said that at the meeting of the House Communications Commission, it was decided that a joint committee would be set up by the technical and professional officials of the commission and Breshna to review the two-month and one-month electricity bill plans.

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