Afghan Textile Manufacturing Companies Resume Operations

The Afghan Ministry of Finance announced that the ministry signed an agreement with the head of Uzbek Textile Industry Association on the re-activation of textile companies in Afghanistan.
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The ministry of finance said that Mohammad Homayoun Qayomi, acting minister of the finance and chief advisor on infrastructure to the president signed an agreement on the re-activation of textile and textile companies in Afghanistan with head of the Uzbek Textile Industry Association Elham Heiderhof on Saturday.

Based on this agreement, seven textile companies in Balkh, Kandahar, Puli Khumri and Gul Bahar will be re-activated in cooperation with the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The two countries also arranged a six-month adjustment plan for activation of textile, cottonseed tenure and vegetable oil factories Balkh and Helmand provinces.

“The activation of the factories will provide employment opportunities for about 1500 people directly and 5000 people indirectly,” said ministry of finance’s statement.

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