Minister of Mines Announces 43 New Mining Projects Open for Private Sector Investment

Afghan Minister of Mines and Petroleum Nargis Nehan announced 43 new large and small-scale mining projects available for private sector investment and development during her keynote address at the Afghanistan Mining Investment Forum convened by INVEST.

Nehan highlighted 14 new opportunities open to international investors in her remarks.

“For the first time ever, Afghanistan is opening opportunities for international investors to bid on ruby, emerald and lapis lazuli projects. Many of the commodities, such as marble, travertine and cement, selected for tenders have strong domestic and regional market demand. Others, such as gold, copper talc, iron ore, marble and oil and gas have established international markets,” she said.

Nehan added that the Afghan government has worked hard to put in place a new Minerals Law and transparent regulations. “I am proud to say that Afghanistan’s mining sector is open for business,” she said.

The projects cover several commodities and would be located in 16 provinces of Afghanistan. Some $100 million are set to be spent on initial assessments, exploration and evaluation work for these projects over the next 12 months increase in investment afterwards.

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