Issue of Afghanistan Affected Us, Will Cooperate Jointly with Iran for Afghan Peace: Imran Khan

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan, on his visit to Iran said that the issue of Afghanistan, the four decades of war in Afghanistan, has affected Pakistan and Iran, saying “At one point Pakistan hosted four million refugees and today we have 2.7 million, he said, adding that Iran has hosted almost three million”.

Khan announced that it is in the interest of both Iran and Pakistan that there be peace in Afghanistan and “we will cooperate with each other in helping there be a political settlement there. If there is peace in Afghanistan it will help not just the people of Afghanistan, but Pakistan and Iran in trade”.

He added that there will also be employment and a better standard of living for people.

“We have decided to cooperate in helping there be a political settlement in Afghanistan”, Khan announced.

He expressed his belief that without justice there is no peace.
Khan condemned the Israeli occupation of Golan Heights and added that political dialogue, not military means will bring peace and stability.

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