Consultative Peace Jirga Kicks Off in Kabul Despite the Boycotts

Consultative Peace Jirga Commission announced on Monday that the first day of the Peace Consultative Jirga has begun.

Almost 3000 delegates from all over the country will discuss about peace and defining limits of peace talks with Taliban for three days. About 30% of the participants in the jirga are women.

Security measures and a week holiday in Kabul have been announced for holding the Loya Jirga.
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Many citizens say that these measures have caused problems for Kabul city. It was reported that a child died on Sunday due security measures and checkpoints in Kabul.

Meanwhile, more than 70 circles and parties and some politicians have boycotted the holding of this jirga, or they have considered the participation in it in contrary to the spirit of national unity and national interest of the country.

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