AIHRC Head Sima Samar Urges Active Role of Government in Peace Process

Dr Sima Samar, the Chairperson of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission has called on a more active role of the Afghan government in peace talks process, saying that the government should involve people in the ongoing talks.

At the same time, Ms Samar stressed that there should be a clear mechanism in the peace process to heal the sufferings of war victims.

Meeting with representatives of civil society organizations in Kandahar on Monday,Dr.
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Sima Samar said that one of the works that needs to be done is to advocate for good governance and the government of Afghanistan is responsible to provide security.

Dr Samar added that people of Afghanistan are the owners of peace process and without participation of these people, peacebuilding will not happen in the country.

She stressed that people should participate in peace talks so that they feel responsible and know they are the owners of the talks.

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