9 Killed, Wounded as Ghazni Citizens Clash with Taliban Tax Collectors

Local officials in Ghazni have confirmed that at least nine people were killed and wounded in the clashes between the Taliban and locals over the collection of Ushr and Zakat (illegal taxing) by the Taliban.

Ghazni governor’s spokesman Wadullah Juma Zadah told Reporterly on Monday that clashes between local residents and the Taliban had started two days ago in the Bala area of Andar district and are still sporadically continuing.

Juma Zadeh added that the clashes began after people refused to give the Usher and Zakat to the Taliban.

The spokesman for the Ghazni governor said that two members of the Taliban, including the head of one of its commissions, had been killed and another wounded in the clashes.

Juma Zadeh added that two locals were killed and four others were injured in the clashes.

The spokesman for the Ghazni governor continued that the two sides were still on standby mode and that there were sporadic clashes, and that the mediation of local elders was continuing to end the clashes.

According to Juma Zadeh, the government forces could not enter the area from the ground due to roadside mines, but the security forces are trying to cover the clashes and help local residents.

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