Sediqqi: Taliban Yet To Release All Security Forces Prisoners

Presidential spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi said that the prisoner exchange process is getting affected as the Taliban has failed to release the remaining security forces detainees.

Speaking at a conference on Monday, Sediqqi said the prisoner “exchange” process cannot be one-sided and that the Taliban should also release the remaining prisoners and remove the obstacles to the start of the intra-Afghan talks.

“Some countries have opposed the release of dangerous Taliban prisoners, and we are working to resolve this issue,” he said, referring to the objections raised by Australia and France.
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He reiterated that the 400 prisoners had committed serious crimes and the risks remained that on their release, they could threaten the security of Afghanistan and the world.

He expressed hope that the problem would be resolved, but said the government was still concerned as the “Taliban have not yet released our captives.”

Although the Taliban had previously said they had released more than 1,000 security forces prisoners, Sediqqi said a “small number” were still unreleased.

“We have taken great steps and we are ready to take other steps, but now the responsibility is with the Taliban, and the group must stand by its commitments,” the spokesperson said.

Earlier, intra-Afghan talks were scheduled to commence in Doha, Qatar, this week, as soon as the prisoner exchange process was completed.

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