3 Security Forces Killed In Taliban Car Bombing In Ghazni

Ghazni officials said a Taliban attack and car bombing in Deh Yak district claimed the lives of three security officials and left nine more injured on early Monday morning.

Ghazni governor’s spokesperson Wahidullah Jumazadah said told Reporterly that the Taliban fighters had attacked a number of security checkpoints in the district at around 3 am on Monday.

The clashes lasted for an hour and the Taliban detonated a car full of explosives in the center of the district.

While no civilians were injured during the attack and explosion, 12 casualties were noted among the security forces, along with the death of the commander of army operation.

Jumazadah said that the Taliban had also suffered casualties in the clashes, but no figures were available.

Taliban also mounted offensives in the Rashidan, Jaghato and Qarabagh districts of the province on Sunday night.

He added that two of the People’s Uprising Forces members were wounded and four Taliban were killed in the clashes in the Sai Karu area of Qarabagh district.

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