Developing: 13 Civilians Killed, 42 Wounded As Clashes Continue In Jalalabad Prison After 14 Hours

Clashes between Afghan special forces and the assailants who attacked Nangarhar prison in the provincial capital, Jalalabad on Sunday, have continued for over 14 hours.

On Monday, Nangarhar governor’s spokesperson Attaullah Khogyani said that preliminary information indicates that 13 civilians have been killed so far, and 42 people have been injured.

The attackers targeted the Nangarhar Prison in PD4 of Jalalabad at 6:40 pm on Sunday. The assailants first detonated a car bomb, a Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED), at the entrance to the prison to breach the compound.

The remaining assailants then launched an attack on the prison and clashed with the security forces.

Khogyani said that security forces had killed three attackers so far, and the gun battle continued with shots being heard.

Taliban denied involvement and said that the “attack and shooting in Jalalabad” was not done by them.

However, Islamic State in Khorasan Province (IS-K), claimed responsibility via a statement on the official news website, Amaq.

Khogyani said security forces have managed to secure the prison checkpoint and are proceeding cautiously to eliminate the other attackers.

Around 700 detainees had managed to flee from the prison, but local authorities said that most have been re-arrested.

The prison was known to hold at least 1,500 people, including those who were affiliated with the Taliban and the IS-K.

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