Afghan MPs Forward Proposal to Prevent Political Abuse of Government Positions on the Threshold of Presidential Election

A number of Afghan MPs have drafted a proposal based on articles 6, 22, 33, 60 and 64 of the Constitution, on the rights of citizen, the authority of the President and the National Assembly.
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These MPs have stated in the proposal that, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the government is obliged to ensure the principle of equal rights of citizenship and provide the chance for all citizens to have equal access to national opportunities and facilities.

The proposal further emphasizes that, in order to prevent the illegal use of national opportunities and facilities and to ensure the equal rights of presidential candidates, the government is required to act on the provision of services and facilities in a transparent and equal manner in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The proposal also added that in order to prevent the dismissal and appointment of high-ranking government officials with the aim of campaigning for the presidential elections and political goals, any removal and installation of high-ranking government officials is prohibited once the announcement of the presidential election calendar is made.

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