IEC Completes Recounting Kabul Ballots, Confirms Delay in Kabul’s Election Results

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Monday announced that they are now through with the the recounting process of votes for Kabul province. The IEC staff is processing the data registration of the results.

“More problems arose in the provinces of Paktia and Baghlan. Recounting of votes for Kabul was completed yesterday,” said IEC chief Abdul Badi Sayyad.

The IEC said that Kabul elections’ results will be delayed but the election results for Nangarhar, Paktia and Baghlan provinces will be released in the next few days. “Results for large provinces such Nangarhar will possibly be announced in the next few days. But some other provinces such Kabul… I think will have delays in the announcement,” added IEC commissioner, Maliha Hassan.

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