Women’s Education Essential for Future of Afghanistan: Kandahar Leaders

The Community leaders at a UN-backed symposium at Kandahar University underscored the importance of investing in education for women’s meaningful participation at all levels of Afghanistan’s social, political and economic life.

The event, organized by UNAMA’s Kandahar field office and Kandahar University’s Pacha Khan Academic Research Centre, drew more than 50 participants from the southern province’s academic community.

As per UNAMA report, the participants discussed how investing in the education of women not only will help reduce poverty and gender inequality but also will help ensure the promotion and protection of women’s rights, leading to a more just and equitable society.

“In speeches and during panel-style discussions at the daylong symposium, members of Kandahar’s academic community focused on the importance of women’s access to education in helping to create a more stable and just society, and one in which the importance of peace is understood,” the report reads.

Afghanistan has made strides in addressing women’s rights with legislation and in other areas, but much remains to be achieved as Afghan women continue face violence and discrimination. Many structural barriers, including illiteracy and violent extremism, make women especially susceptible to violence and abuse.

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