AGO Registered 27,000 Criminal Cases During Nine Months in Afghanistan

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has announced that during the first nine months of the current solar year, a total of 27,872 criminal cases have been registered, investigated and addressed in 34 provinces of the country.

Jamshid Rasouli, the spokesman of Attorney General’s Office, said in a press conference on Monday that the cases included crimes “against the national security”, including kidnapping.
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Rasouli said that these cases have been registered throughout the country, but the highest number of crimes took place in Kabul, Nangarhar and Kandahar.

During the last nine months, 5,464 criminal cases have been registered in Kabul, 2,456 in Nangarhar and 1,819 in Kandahar.
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Rasouli noted that 27, 872 cases include murder, kidnapping, moral crimes, human trafficking, beatings, injuries, drug trafficking, corruption, violence against women, children, extortion and other cases that are included in the criminal code.

He cited that out of the total number of registered cases, 150 were murders, 336 were kidnappings, 4,305 were drug trafficking cases, 3,087 were robberies, 2,088 were violence against women, and 1,366 were injuries, 1,165 cases of beatings, 337 cases of moral crimes and 6,957 cases were miscellaneous cases.

According to Rasouli, out of the total number of criminal cases, 1,740 are military crimes, in which security and intelligence officials were involved, and these cases have been handled by the military prosecutor’s office.

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