Serious Challenges Still Facing Health Sector, Says President Ghani

Simultaneously with the outbreak of the second wave of the Coronavirus, President Ghani says his findings show that despite all efforts, there are serious challenges in the health sector that need to be addressed.

The Presidential Palace said in a statement that President Ghani made the remarks via video conference on Sunday evening with a number of Afghan health professionals living in the United States and Europe.

“One of our top priorities is to build our health sector and consolidate our efforts in light of the urgency of fighting the second wave of the coronavirus,” Ghani said.

He noted that in the past week he had held seven videoconferences with officials of the Ministry of Public Health, 19 hospitals and heads of public health departments of all provinces, representatives of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

“My findings in these meetings indicate that, unfortunately, despite all the efforts, there are serious challenges in our health sector that need to be addressed,” he said.

Ghani cited that the management of programs and the provision of health services are challenged by the lack of oxygen, the low capacity of the Corona testing, which were scheduled for tens of thousands of tests per day and the lack of infrastructure to maintain the Corona vaccine.

President’s remarks come as the Afghan Ministry of Public Health has recently confirmed that the outbreak of the coronavirus in Afghanistan has entered its second wave.

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