Gov’t Delegation Begins Probing Behsud Protest

The National Security Council (NSC) office says a competent government delegation has started investigations into the Friday’s protest in Hese Awal district of Maidan Wardak province.

Hashmatullah Nateq, head of media publications at the NSC office, said that the delegation’s aircraft which departed for the Wardak province yesterday, returned back due to the unfavorable condition to land and it arrived in Behsud district this morning.

Mr. Nateq added that the members of this delegation are currently investigating how the incident happened and meeting with the people and the injured.

Yesterday, the office of the National Security Council announced that the delegation will be chaired by General Ebadullah Ebad, the deputy head of the NSC office.

It was also stated that the deputy members of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, the Deputy Director General of National Directorate of Security, a member of the Maidan Wardak Provincial Council, the President’s Adviser on Public Affairs and an influential figure of Maidan Wardak are members of the delegation.

NSC cited that the delegation has been tasked to thoroughly and comprehensively investigate the incident and to act in the light of the country’s applicable laws.

A statement from the NSC office said that the incident in Hese Awal Behsud district was caused by clashes between security forces and a uprising forces commander’s men in which a number of people were killed and wounded.

The statement did not provide specific casualties, but the Interior Ministry had previously said that nine gunmen related to Ali Poor, an uprising forces commander were killed and seven others were wounded” in clashes between them and security forces.

However, Mahdi Rasikh, a member of the House of Representatives, said two days ago that 11 civilians, including children, had been killed, 25 wounded and more than 150 civilians and elderly people had been taken hostages following shootings by security forces at protesters.

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