Acting Interior Minister Instructs Personnel to Not Provide Info on Official Position

The Acting Interior Minister, Masoud Andarabi has instructed the Ministry of Interior (MoI) personnel to not give interviews to press or submit information to social pages on official position.

Andarabi has emphasized that in order to prevent the dispersal of information to citizens; no police official can speak to the media or social media on official positions.

“No Interior Ministry’s personnel could publish secrets, documents on appointments, reshuffle, promotions, photos of personnel in uniform, vehicles, weapons, equipment, meetings and congratulatory events on social media,” the order reads.

It said that they cannot give interviews to media about the manner of interrogation, investigation of criminal cases, achievements and other issues related to counter-crime operations and criticize the ministry’s personnel.
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The directorate should release information to media about the achievements of national police including the outcome of operations after receiving instructions from the ministry’s leadership, the order added.

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