Election Commission Says Electoral Law Amendment Proposal Manipulating Upcoming Election Process

The Independent Election Commission (IEC), in response to the proposed amendment to the Electoral Law by the government, said in a statement that the purpose of the proposal is to “manipulate the process of future elections.
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At the same time, the commission has emphasized that the president and the chief executive of the national unity government are among the candidates and are included in the list.

The election commission has warned that the amendment plan is dangerous for the future of Afghanistan, saying that “post-election disputes which will arise from this issue will put the country at risk.”

In addition to announcing the results of the Afghan parliamentary election, the IEC is also preparing for holding the presidential election

Meanwhile, the statement said that the amendment plan is “an excuse to delay the presidential election of July 20”.

The IEC urged the government and all stakeholders to “cooperate in order to implement the proposed reform proposals by the Commission, in order to provide a transparent and timely basis for holding elections.”

This comes while many have called for electoral reforms in Afghanistan, including a call by international community.

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