Seven Uprising Force Members Killed in Taliban’s Attack in Kunduz

At least seven members of the uprising force were killed after Taliban stormed their outpost in Imam Saheb district of Kunduz province last night, local officials said.

The head of Kunduz Provincial Council, Muhammad Yousuf Ayoubi said the Taliban attacked uprising forces outposts in Makhmal Kocha and Rawza areas of the district on Sunday night.

According to Ayoubi, three members of the uprising force were also wounded during the clashes.

He noted that the Taliban’s attacks were pushed back after hours of clashes and the areas are now under the control of government forces.

In the meantime, the spokesman of Pamir 217 Corps, Abdul Hadi Nazari confirmed the Taliban’s attacks, saying Afghan forces had no casualties during the clashes.

He added that at least five Taliban insurgents were also killed in the incident.

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