Khalilzad to Push for Afghan Govt-Taliban Talks and Ceasefire in Doha

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad, in an interview to TOLONews has said that he will push for two points in next round of Doha talks – first to encourage Taliban to sit with the “legitimate government” of Afghanistan and to encourage them to agree to a ceasefire.

Khalilzad expressed that the integration of a strong, unified negotiating team under government’s umbrella is needed for the peace process in Afghanistan.

He also added however, that Saudi Arabia has a critical role in peace process, more than any country in region
& therefore, its financial support to Pakistan will be conditional, based on its support to peace.

Khalilzad also said that Pakistan has taken steps towards peace but needs to play bigger, practical role. This comes after there has been significant pressure mounted on Islamabad from Afghanistan, Iran, India and even US to stop harbouring terror groups on its soil.

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