Measures to be Taken to Reclaim Grabbed Lands: Minister of Justice

Afghan Minister of Justice Fazel Ahmad Manawi on Monday said that the return of the government’s grabbed lands is one of the fundamental goals of the government.

“Wherever it is determined that public or government property has been grabbed, it will not be retaken immediately. An institution has been formed that the claimants present reasons and argue their rights,” Justice Minister said at a conference aimed at restoring public and private properties.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands, 1.6 million acres of government land have been usurped, and the statistics of this ministry show that 18,000 people are involved in the usurpation of government lands.

In the meantime, Mahmoud Karzai, the Minister of Urban Development and Lands, says that anyone in Afghanistan who needs land for investment purposes can request in order to improve the country’s economic situation.
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