Afghan Security Forces’ Families in Badakhshan Seek Shelter As Taliban Ups Pressures

The Taliban group has accelerated pressures on the families of Afghan security forces in Badakhshan province to not allow their sons join the government ranks, local officials said.

The spokesman of Badakhshan Police, Sanaullah Rohani said that the Taliban militants have been oppressing the Afghan forces families in different parts of Raghestan district since last week.

According to Rohani, a clash erupted between Taliban militants and security forces near the bazaar of Reyenj Abb of Raghestan district which the bazaar burned down as a result of Taliban’s mortar which landed in the area on Sunday night.

However, the Taliban group has claimed that the bazaar was burned down as a mortar of Afghan forces hit the area, but Police denied it.

This comes as a number of families displaced from their homes by Taliban pressure as the militants have tightened their grip around the district.
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