Balkh Sees Significant Hike In Sesame & Linseed Production

Office of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock in Balkh have reported about significant increase in the production of sesame and linseed in the province.

According to the officials, sesame production has gone up by 46% abc linseed had ginger up by 28%.

As per Wasdam report, this year, the farmers have collected 11,239 tons of linseed from 13,223 hectares of land and 3,243 tons of sesame from 4,700 hectares of land.

“Sesame and linseed are the top oil producing products of Balkh,” said Zabiullah Zobeen, head of agriculture department in Balkh.

The official cited continuous rainfall, support from the government and distribution of modified eggs to the farmers as the main reasons behind the hike in the production of sesame and linseed.

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