Developing: Plane Crashes in Taliban-Held Territory in Ghazni; Casualties Feared

An aircraft crashed in the Deh Yak district of central Ghazni province on Monday, officials confirmed.
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The area of the plane crash is said to be under the control of Taliban, which makes the rescue operation and investigations challenging for the Afghan government.

The number of people on board and their fate was not immediately known, nor was the cause of the crash.

Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority said in a Facebook post that it had received no reports of a civilian airliner going down, raising the possibility that it was a military or cargo aircraft that had crashed.

The plane was initially reported to have belonged to Ariana Airlines but they have now denied the report.

Ariana Airlines, Afghanistan’s national carrier, dismissed the claim that one of their planes had crashed in a statement on their website, saying all their aircraft were operational and safe.

“There has been an airline crash but it does not belong to Ariana because the two flights managed by Ariana today from Herat to Kabul and Herat to Delhi are safe,” CEO Mirwais Mirzakwal said.

In the meantime, Ghazni provincial governor, Wahidullah Kalimzai said, “The aircraft does not belong to any domestic companies, and that the aircraft has entirely burned and cannot be identified, the body of a pilot has been recovered who is a foreigner.”

However, sources in Resolute Support, the NATO mission to support the Afghan government said that no US or coalition aircraft were involved.

On the other hand, the representative of Ghazni province at the Lower House of Parliament, Arif Rahmani told Reporterly that the crashed aircraft was for civilian passengers which had a capacity of 15 people, adding that ambulances are on way to the crash area which is under control of Taliban.

The last major commercial air crash in Afghanistan occurred in 2005 when a Kam Air flight from western Herat to the capital Kabul crashed into the mountains as it tried to land in snowy weather.

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