Dundee University To Work With Diabetes Patients in Afghanistan

Dundee’s Global Health Research Unit will collaborate with the Moraa Educational Complex (MEC) to investigate the incidence of diabetes in patients attending the outpatient department of the Kabul hospital, with the aim of offering sustainable solutions for individuals with the disease.

The collaboration marks an expansion for INSPIRED, a £7 million Dundee-led project that seeks to improve diabetes outcomes in India.

The Moraa Educational Complex is a female-focused project funded by Dr Azizullah Amir through private investment and capital contributions.

Professor Colin Palmer, Chair of Pharmacogenomics at the University and lead of the INSPIRED study, said “It is very exciting to be using Scottish diabetes expertise to fight the disease in other countries.

“Lifestyle factors obviously significantly enhance a person’s risk of getting diabetes but we are taking a genetic approach in this collaboration because very little is known about the genetics of the people of Afghanistan.

After signing the agreement with Dundee, Dr Amir said: “Diabetes is a big problem in Afghanistan. We know it is one of highest causes of mortality but we don’t have a lot of data beyond that. In many cases the diabetes remains undiagnosed because it is not a well-known disease there.
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“We are committed to working in this field to bring new insights to present to policy makers and this partnership with the University of Dundee will help with that,” he added.

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