CE Abdullah: Taliban Attack Showcases the Group’s Anti-Muslim & Human Methods

In response to Taliban suicide attack occurred on Monday morning in Kabul city, Dr. Abdullah Chief Executive of the government called them as hireling, hypocrite and terrorist group, saying that the group talks about peace and on the other hand they attack on defenseless citizens and civilian centers.

“Our citizens know that the attacks and plans of the hireling group for capturing the cities and strategic sites for the summer of the current year was defeated due to preemptive attacks by the armed forces of the country, and the enemies of Afghanistan have suffered heavy losses and casualties across Afghanistan. Therefore, the group want to disturb the tranquility of the citizens by launching suicide attacks,” said Dr. Abdullah.


He added that, through the attacks they want to showcase their false presence with the most intolerable anti-Islamic and human methods.

Chief Executive Office also praised the armed forces for their rapid response to the incident and also hospitals in treatment of the casualties.

The response of Chief Executive office comes after the Taliban complex attack in today’s morning in Kabul left 65 injured including 9 children.

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