11 Security Forces Killed In Taliban Attack In Kunduz

At least 11 security forces were killed and nine injured in Taliban attacks in Imam Sahib and Chahar Dara districts of Kunduz province, the provincial governor’s office said on Monday.

Kunduz governor’s spokesperson Esmatullah Moradi said, that three security forces and three local police officers were killed, and another police officer was injured in the Taliban attack on Chahar dara on early Monday morning.

Moradi said the attack began at 3 am and continued till reinforcements arrived. Three Taliban members were also killed and four wounded.

Another attack in the Imam Sahib district saw five police officers and four civilians killed and eight people, including several civilians, injured.

The attack began late on Sunday and continued till 6am on Monday when several dozen Taliban tried to overrun the district’s police station.

Moradi said at least six Taliban were killed and several others wounded when the security forces repelled the attackers.

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