Kandahar Gen Tadin Khan Warns Militants Against Repeated Violence

With the increase in Taliban attacks in Kandahar, General Tadin Khan, the police chief, warned the militants that he would retaliate if they continue destroying public property.

In his tweets on Monday, Khan shared photos of checkpoints that were destroyed by the Taliban along the Kandahar-Raghistan highway the previous day.

The Taliban had warned the public from traveling along the highway and set off three explosion on Monday evening, destroying parts of the highway.

“Operations are underway against the defenders of Taliban’s interests,” Khan wrote.
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“Soon you will see their [Taliban’s] mutilated corpses.”

The Kandahar governor’s office said security forces also managed to find and defuse eight more mines.

In recent days, provincial officials said the public had complained that they could not travel to Kandahar from Raghistan district in neighbouring Badakhshan, and even reported shortages of food.

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