US Amb Ross Wilson Talks To Afghan Negotiating Team

The U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to Kabul Ross Wilson, stressed on preserving the achievements of the last 19 years as he shared ideas with the members of the Afghan government’s negotiating team on Monday.

“Our EnduringPartnership that has advanced education, health, freedoms, and rights for the Afghan people demonstrates U.S. commitment here, and it will continue.,” Wilson tweeted.

During the meeting, he shared the agenda items that were non-negotiable.
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“I stressed our shared priorities – a sovereign, democratic, and united Afghanistan, at peace with itself and its neighbors, rooted in the demands of its people, and preserving the gains of the last 19 years, including the rights of minorities, women and girls.”

He also emphasized on the completion of the prisoner exchange process and for the Taliban to reduce violence to “start the next chapter” and move towards the beginning of the intra-Afghan peace talks.

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