IEC Announces Approval of $149 Million Budget for Presidential Election

The Independent Election Commission has announced that a total of $ 149 million has been approved by the government and the international community for the upcoming presidential elections.

The commission said in a statement on Monday that, the needed budget for presidential election has been approved on 11 July.

The statement further added that, of total of $149million budget for presidential elections, $90 million is provided by Afghan government and other $59 million by international community.

The commission has urged all stakeholders, national and international organizations and the people of Afghanistan to fulfill their national, legal and ethical obligations in the electoral process and to cooperate with electoral commissions in holding transparent elections.

Afghan presidential election is set to be held on 28 September.

Previously, the ministry of finance has reported the approval of the budget for presidential elections.

Meanwhile, IEC Chief Hawa Alam Nuristani has said that the number of that female employees has increased in the IEC.
“Once again, I call on all women to take part in the election especially women who are in the villages and we are committed to hold fair and on time election”, Nuristani expressed.

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