Afghan Senate Corrects Statement, Saudi Arabia To Build 100 ‘Schools’ In Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia pledged to build “100 schools” in Afghanistan and approved financing of 35 development plans, the Afghan Senate said in a revised statement.
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In the meeting between Jassim Alkhaldi, ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Kabul and Senate Speaker Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, they discussed the construction of an international university, hospital and other projects.

The embassy of Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan released an official statement emphasizing that the meeting “focused exclusively on issues related to improving bilateral relations between the two countries… on the development aid that Saudi Arabia provides to the brotherly people of Afghanistan in the fields of healthcare and educational institutions.”

They discussed the construction of an international Islamic university in Nangarhar, a $30 million 100-bed hospital in Kabul and a $200 million investment assistance to the Afghan health sector.

The Afghan government welcomed the pledge by Saudi Arabia, calling it one of the “good partners of Afghanistan,” Sediq Sediqqi, the presidential spokesperson said on Monday.

Initial statements on Sunday said the Saudi government had pledged to build “100 religious schools,” however after a public uproar accusing them of spreading extremism, it was found to be an “error made during the translation” published by the Senate, Sediqqi said.

The embassy’s statement said they “would like to stress that some media reporting on this meeting made reference to issues that were not discussed and urges all media outlets to verify the sourcing of their reporting and to make sure that their accounts are accurate prior to publication.”

The Kingdom’s envoy also indicated they might revise the Afghan Hajj quota in the future.

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