Afghan Population Nearly 33 Million in Solar Year of 1399

The estimated population of Afghanistan is estimated at 32.9 million in the solar year of 1399.

The solar calendar starts on the first day of spring, which is March 20.

The report was published by the National Office of Statistics and Information. According to the estimates, about 16.8 million – 51% – are men and about 16.1 million – 49% – are women.

According to the Statistical Office, 23.4 million (71%) of the people live in rural areas, 8 million (24.4%) are urban and 1.5 million (4.6%) are nomadic.

The estimated population for 1399 consists of 34 provinces (364 main districts, 24 temporary districts and 34 provincial capitals).

The report is prepared annually in Dari, Pashto, and English by the Office.
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