Police Chief Of Ghazni City’s PD6 Among 4 Policemen Killed In Mine Explosion

Kabul: Local sources in Ghazni province confirmed that Younis Ramazani, the police chief of Ghazni’s PD6, and three other policemen were killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the city.

Fatema Rahimi, a member of the Ghazni Provincial Council, said that the incident took place on Sunday evening in the Bakawal area of the PD6 of Ghazni city.

Rahimi added that three other policemen were also injured in the blast and that the incident was caused after the vehicle ferrying the officials collided with a roadside mine when they were on patrol.

The Ghazni provincial council member stressed that the mine had been planted by the Taliban. The Taliban have not yet commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, security sources in Khost province said that a vehicle loaded with explosives was discovered and defused in the Nader Shahkot district of the province before reaching its target. Adel Haidar, a spokesperson for the Khost Police, said that the vehicle, which was carrying about three tons of explosives, was discovered in the “Spin Ghor” area around 7pm on Sunday.

Haidar also said that the insurgents wanted to detonate the explosives embedded in the vehicle in crowded areas of Khost. According to him, a person who is a resident of Logar province has been arrested in connection with this case and an investigation is underway.

Even Bamyan police said that a group of Taliban insurgents’ attacks on Dahan-e-Saighan checkpoints in the Saighan district of the province have met with strong resistance from police and national security forces.

The Bamyan Police statement said that the attacks started at around 10:00 pm on Sunday and continued until 3:00am on Monday. According to the statement, Taliban suffered heavy casualties.

The Bamyan Police Command further said that security forces were not harmed during the clashes. The Taliban have not yet commented on the matter.

In other news, at least one civilian was killed and four more were wounded–including two women–in a blast that targeted a vehicle in the eastern province of Nangarhar on Monday morning, local security officials said.

The blast took place in PD5 of Jalalabad city, the capital of the province, when a vehicle was hit by a roadside mine, said Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesperson for the provincial governor. “A man who had a rickshaw was killed and two women, a child and a man were wounded in the blast,” he said, adding that “the wounded were taken to a nearby hospital.”

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the blast.

Meanwhile, local residents of Alingar district, Laghman province, said that fierce clashes occurred between the ANDSF and Taliban, on Sunday night, and a number of shops were destroyed in the district bazaar.

They added that eight shops were gutted during the clashes that left about three million Afghanis in financial losses. Head of Alingar district’s youth council, Jaber Alokozay, urged the government to provide assistance to these shopkeepers. Provincial Governor’s Spokesman Asadullah Dawlatzai told Hashte Subh daily that Taliban’s mortar landed in the district bazaar, which burned four local shops. Provincial officials pledged to assess the losses, and compensate them. The Taliban have yet to comment on the report.

This comes even as local sources and members of the Ghazni Provincial Council confirmed on Monday that the Muqur, Waghaz and Khwaja Omari districts of the province have fallen to Taliban.

Fatema Rahimi, a member of the Ghazni Provincial Council, told the Etilat Roz daily that Muqur district and Waghaz district had fallen to the Taliban. Rahimi added that in the Muqur district, about 50 uprising forces had surrendered to the Taliban. The Taliban released them after disarming.

Also, 80 army personnel and 60 policemen stationed in the district retreated to Zarkashan Mountain and were transferred to Ghazni city on a flight at around 12:00 PM. The Ghazni provincial council member said that after a week of siege in Waghaz district, 14 km southwest of Ghazni city, government forces retreated from the district to the provincial capital at 1am.

At the same time, a government source in Ghazni confirmed that this morning the Khwaja Omari district, 16 km north of Ghazni city, had fallen to the Taliban. According to the source, the Taliban launched their attack on the district late last night and have now taken control of the district. He added that five members of the security forces were killed and three others were wounded in the Taliban attack. According to the source, the Taliban have also planted mines on the transportation route of this district with Ghazni city.

On the other hand, he said that the Taliban attacks in the center of Ghazni city have intensified and the city is in danger of falling. The source expressed concern that the city would collapse if immediate steps were not taken to retake the districts around Ghazni city and suppress the Taliban. Ghazni province in the southeast is one of the most insecure provinces in the Taliban. Seven Ghazni districts have fallen to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed that the Khoshamand district of Paktika province in the Ghazni neighborhood had also fallen to its fighters. But local officials have denied the fall of the district to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, security officials in Faryab province said that the Imam Sahib bazaar and several villages in the Pashtoonkot district of the province have been cleared of Taliban fighters.

Faryab police spokesman Karim Yurish told Hashte Subh daily that a joint security operation is underway in the Dahdandara area of the district. According to him, eight Taliban fighters were killed and five others were wounded during the operation.

Yurish said that a police officer was also killed during the clash. Meanwhile, some districts in Faryab province have recently fallen to Taliban militants. Security forces have also been conducting operations for several days to retake the lost areas in the province.

Also, Acting Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal traveled to Helmand province, to assess the security developments. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) stated that met with provincial officials and elders, and reviewed the ongoing military operations and future military plans. Mirzakwal called for suppressing terrorists and issued necessary directives to repulse enemy attacks, the MoI added.

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