Building Social Cohesion Crucial During COVID-19 Crisis: UN in Afghanistan

With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading through Afghanistan, building social cohesion and cultivating a sense of solidarity has become essential to fight the virus, community leaders said during a series of UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)-backed radio programme.

Experts and the radio hosts answer questions posed by local audiences in the programmes which began airing in May and will run through June across 18 provinces. They talk about the pandemic’s impact on their communities.

The pre-recorded discussions highlighted the public’s need for a reduction in violence as their families cope with the pandemic.

An overarching comment heard was all parties to the conflict should stop fighting so health workers can provide humanitarian assistance to the communities.

“COVID-19 affects everyone the same way,” said Bashir Mohammad, a listener in Kandahar, reports UNAMA.

“Therefore, we must all fight it together rather than fighting each other.
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