Afghan Students Will Get Access to Learning Materials Through Television Broadcasts

With schools in Afghanistan remaining closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Education (MoE) is scheduled to launch a national learning platform and will start broadcasting core school subjects on public TV and radio to help Afghan students keep learning even with classes suspended.

“MoE came up with a Education in Emergencies COVID-19 Response Plan through which we will deliver education alternatively through Televisions and Radios to teach core subjects in different time frames. At the same time, comprehensive teacher packages will be sent to teachers to ensure they use the quarantine period to build their capacity,” said Mirwais Balkhi, the Minister of Education.

“A thorough monitoring and supervision will be done to ensure students and teachers have used their time and resources in the most effective and efficient manner,” Balkhi added.

As the coronavirus spreading rapidly across the country, the Afghan government has taken swift and decisive actions to mitigate the development of a full-blown pandemic.

The move toward remote learning comes as schools have postponed for at least up to the next month until further notice.

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