Civil Protection Advocacy Group: Peace Talks Reduce Civilian Causalities

The Civil Protection Advocacy Group (CPAG) has said that peace talks have reduced civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

Based on obtained information, the rate of causalities and injuries of civilians in February decreased about three times, according to a statement released by the group.
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The group added that in this month, civilians were only killed and injured in 17 provinces of Afghanistan, and 17 others were immune from civilian casualties and injuries.

In the past month, 106 civilians were killed and 59 others wounded, according to CPAG. The group has argued that although severe cold weather and heavy snowfall in some provinces have reduced or stopped armed conflicts, but it has been the peace talks that have had a significant impact on the reduction of civilian casualties.

Findings from Civil Protection Advocacy Group indicate that most civilian casualties in the last month were caused by air strikes conducted by government and international forces.

CPAG has called on various groups engaged in war to pay more attention to the lives of civilians and in the ongoing peace talks, and they urged the factions engaged in war to prevent civilian causalities and ensure the people of Afghanistan that, after this, they will not be victims of war.

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