MoPH: ‘Coronavirus Will Not End Any Time Soon’

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) says that the COVID-19 crisis will not end any time soon as Afghanistan is in the initial stages of the fight against the virus.

Wahid Majroh, Deputy Minister of Health Services, said in a press conference on Monday that the Ministry of Health expects the citizens of the country to protect themselves and others by observing health principles, washing their hands, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.
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“The Ministry of Public Health’s message to the government, society and the private sector is clear that the evidence, statistics, figures and scientific research show that Corona will not be ended soon and that the virus will not leave us,” Majroh added. ” The option we have today is to prepare all of our plans based on living with Corona.”

He stressed that living with Corona should be made part of daily life and adapt to the work, educational, business environments so that despite the threat, social, administrative, political and economic life can continue.

The Deputy Minister of Health said that he did not agree with the immediate easing of the quarantine, noting that all sections of society and the government should focus their resources on this plan in order to comply with the principles of health, when Corona poses a threat.

The remarks come as the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country has risen to 4,687, most of them in Kabul, according to Majroh.

So far, 504 people have been recovered in Afghanistan, and 122 have died.

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