Mohaqiq: President’s Pledge to Preserve Pasture for Kuchis Was Provocative Action

Mohammad Mohaqiq, the second deputy of executive chief and leader of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, says that the promise for preserving the pasture for 20 generations of Kuchis was a provocative act and meant to persuade Kuchis to engage in an intra-triable conflict with Hazaras.

In a statement while condemning the Taliban attack in support of Kuchis in Hesa Dawm Behsud Maidan Wardak province, Mr. Mohaqiq said that the debate on conflict between “Kuchis and villagers” lingers as unhealable wound for many years and the government has not taken any measure to resolve it.
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CE deputy criticized president Ghani and added that, the previous governments used to station security forces on line between Behsud and Dash-e-Gul in spring of every year to prevent conflict, but the current government haven’t done that so far.

Lack of consideration for the request of people and proposal of Maidan Wardak province for establishment of a local military unit for Hesa Dawm Bihsud indicates the mutual cooperation of government and the Taliban to suppress people of Bihsud district, said Mohammad Mohaqiq.

Mr. Mohaqiq’s statement comes at a time when on Sunday the reports talked about Taliban insurgents’ assault to support Kuchis in Bihsod district of Maidan Wardak province. The attack claimed lives of seven people and left wounded many members of Public Uprising Forces.

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