Taliban Shadow Governor Killed Among 4 Pakistani Insurgents in Paktia

Local officials in Paktia province say at least three Pakistani Taliban insurgents along with the group’s shadow governor for Ahmad Khel district have been killed in Paktia province.

The Paktia governor’s press office in a statement released on Monday said that seven Taliban militants including three key commanders were killed in an airstrike in Rokeyan area of Haji Aryoub district on Sunday night.

According to the statement, Mawlavi Mirza Jan, the Taliban governor for Ahmad Khel district, Qari Habib and Allah Noor other key commanders of the group were killed in the airstrike.

In the meantime, the statement added that four Pakistani bomb makers blown up by their own Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on Sunday in Andar village of Samkani district of the province.

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